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After last year’s… mistakes, Samsung is back with a brand new Note. With its extra large 6.3-inch display and sleek curved edges, you’ll want to keep your Galaxy Note 8 safe and secure at all times. As one of the most popular extra large phones, there are plenty of cases to choose from, but don’t sweat it because we’re going to help you find the perfect Galaxy Note 8  case for your needs. Let’s get started!

Best Slim Case – Spigen Thin Fit

Adding extra thickness to an already-large phone is no fun, so you might prefer a slim case to give you some protection without adding bulk. Spigen’s Thin Fit Case gets the job done as it’s just 0.05-inch thick, making it almost unnoticeable in terms of changing the overall size of the latest Note.

The case is ever-so-slightly raised around the Note 8’s dual camera setup, adding extra security for one of the phone’s most important features, and it also includes cutouts for quick access to the side buttons. If you want to keep your phone safe while adding minimal size and weight, this is the way to go.

Best Wallet Case – Maxboost mWallet Series

When you’re already carrying a phone the size of the Note 8, it may be asking too much of you to also carry a wallet for your cards and cash. The MaxBoost mWallet protects your credit cards and your new phone while also offering a kickstand for video binging sessions at the DMV.

With 3 card slots and an extra side pocket, you can easily keep everything you need in one place, and its faux-leather finish is as stylish as it is functional. The mWallet case also comes with a magnetic clasp to make sure the folio only opens when you want it to.

Best Case When You Can’t Find an Outlet – BrexLink Battery Case

Samsung equipped the Galaxy Note 8 with a slightly smaller battery than its predecessor, so getting a battery case is a good idea if you’re the road warrior type. The BrexLink Battery Case adds a mighty 5500mAh battery to the Note 8, which is more than enough to keep the phone’s 3300mAh battery powered up for quite a while. It also adds protection around the edges to prevent screen cracks and scratches, with the rear of the phone kept safe by a hard-shell backplate.

Best Rugged Case – i-Blason Ares

Depending on your lifestyle, you might just need a case that protects your Note 8 from just about anything. The i-Blason Ares case covers all sides of the phone, with a TPU frame, a built-in screen protector, and a clear, scratch-resistant rear casing.

Despite all of its defensive measures, the Ares still sports a relatively slim profile and still allows wireless charging. If you’re prone to accidents, i-Blason’s case is the best full-body case we could find.

Best Bumper Case – Rhinoshield CrashGuard

Not everyone likes to use a phone case, but no one likes seeing their display crack when it slips out of their mitts either. For those looking for some added protection without tainting their Note 8’s construction, RhinoShield’s CrashGuard case is the way to go.

The hybrid bumper utilizes soft and hard polycarbonate to protect the Note’s edges while still keeping a clean fit around the screen’s curved edges. To ensure that the CrashGuard case doesn’t mess with the phone’s overall weight, RhinoShield managed to keep its weight to less than a single ounce.

Best Case for Your Cards – Spigen Slim Armor CS

While a folio case may work for some people looking to keep their cards and phone in the same place, some may be looking for something a little more compact. Spigen’s Slim Armor case keeps the look of a standard case but adds a slim card holder for your most necessary plastics.

The Slim Armor case features a sliding door on its rear that leaves room for two credit cards, all while protecting your actual Note 8 using shock-absorbent TPU material. Its slim and lightweight design help make it easy to carry around, which is even nicer since you won’t also have to lug around your wallet.

Best Invisible Case – Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

Want to show off your phone but still want to give it some added defense? A clear case is the way to go. Spigen’s Liquid Crystal Case is just as thin as its Thin Fit case, but is built with a clear, flexible cover. The Liquid Crystal case adds some extra thickness around the Note 8’s dual-camera setup to prevent scratches to the lenses, but its lightweight build will make you forget that your phone even has a case.

Best Holster Case –  YOUMAKER Heavy Duty Holster Case

It can be annoying digging into your pocket or bag every time you need your phone, especially if you find yourself reaching for your Note 8 quite often. A holster case makes that process easier, and YouMaker’s solution provides easy access and so much more.

The company’s case includes a holster with a pivoting clip, and the heavy duty casing for your phone will keep it safe from bumps and scratches. The actual phone case also comes with a kickstand, to make viewing sessions on Samsung’s 1440p display all the more enjoyable.

Best Case to Show Off – Samsung S-View

Leave it up to a phone’s manufacturer to create one of the Note 8’s most intuitive cases. Samsung’s S-View may look like a regular folio case, but it has some tricks up its sleeve. Not only does it protect both sides of the phone, it also includes a handy kickstand ― but the coolest stuff happens when the case is closed.

Note 8 owner’s can view call, time, and notification information through the front flap, and actions can even be taken when something pops up. If someone calls, for example, just swipe to answer just as you normally would and take the call without even opening the case.

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