Though the first Destiny game did not end up receiving a PS4 Pro update, much to the chagrin of its fan base, its sequel has come roaring out of the gate with some terrific graphical improvements. 

Using checkerboard rendering to achieve a resolution of 2160p, Destiny 2 looks astonishing on PS4 Pro. Admittedly, developer Bungie employs a few tricks to display its game at 4K, including dynamic resolution scaling on the horizontal axis, meaning that the game will dynamically shift its horizontal pixel count from 3840 to 3072 (but seriously though, you won’t even notice). 

At present, Destiny 2 does not take advantage of the PS4 Pro’s high-dynamic-range (HDR) capabilities, though that doesn’t stop it from looking exceptionally vibrant, with a colour palette that makes its predecessor look black and white by comparison. 

One thing in Destiny 2 that doesn’t get enhanced when played on the PS4 Pro is its framerate, with the game locked to 30fps across all consoles. While we would’ve liked to have seen an optional high framerate mode included, Destiny 2 is still a must own title for those who want to push their PS4 Pro to its limit. 

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