The Boxing Day sales are a great opportunity to grab a bargain deal before the year’s out and some retailer are already unleashing some cracking deals. This might be for something you’ve been waiting for a stunning price on for months, or maybe something you’d been keeping your fingers crossed you’d be getting for Christmas.

And hey, just because you didn’t find the right price on Black Friday, doesn’t mean you won’t have better luck this time. As for the ‘January sales’, we’re seeing fewer ace deals in those each year nowadays as retailers focus on November and December for their best deals. So, if you see a bargain that looks right for you, it might be time to treat yourself while you still have a chance.

When do the Boxing Day sales start?

Not a silly question at all. We actually see loads of retailers push the button (probably with gravy on their fingers) at some point on Christmas Day. We’ll be watching all of the usual suspects like a hawk throughout the Christmas break and will bring you the deals when they go live, even if they go live sooner than expected.

We’re expecting retailers to really get going with the deals by early evening on Christmas Day. So you might want to delay that post-dinner snooze until you’ve taken a peek. We’re even hearing whispers that some super eager online stores will even unleash a few deals on Christmas Eve. We’ll let you know as soon as they do. Not that we’re trying to put Santa out of a job.

Who’s having a Boxing Day sale?

If last year was anything to go by, all the big stores will be getting stuck in. With so many keen shoppers going online over the Christmas period in recent years, it’s just too good a chance for them to finish 2017 off with some extra money in the bank. Let’s take a look at the big hitters below and at what to expect.

The Amazon Boxing Day sale is a great place to start. Amazon will be discounting a huge range of items and we usually get a sneak peek before they go live, so we’ll be able to prepare a curated list of the best ones. Because you shouldn’t have to make your way through the chaff when you’re supposed to be on a break. At the very least we expect some potential discounts on key Amazon devices like Kindles or Fire TV Sticks.

View today’s deals: Amazon

Currys and PC World are one and the same now. We’ll just call them Currys though to keep things simple. Expect Currys to go big on discounted TVs, laptops, gaming consoles, Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners, Fitbits, Dashcams, cameras, kitchen electricals and more.

View today’s deals: Currys has been on the rise for a while now and we saw a fantastic selection of deals from the pink loving online store on Black Friday. Super PS4 deals and Xbox One X bundles took center stage for us, but there were some great laptop and TV deals too. Very will be a prime candidate for discounts on clothing and health & beauty products too.

View today’s deals: Very

AO is another store on the up and it’s been a regular visitor on our selection of cheap TV deals all year round. While we also expect them to have a few laptops on offer, AO really specialise in home electrics. So if you’re after a new fridge, freezer, washing machine, kettle, microwave and the like will have something for you.

View today’s deals: AO

John Lewis doesn’t really like sales, but it does like to nab customers from other retailers by offering a price match service. Why bother with the faff? Because John Lewis offers a two year guarantee on a huge selection of items at no extra charge, which is great for peace of mind when buying electrical items. Despite its disdain for sales, we saw JL unleash some sweet TV and gaming deals on Black Friday and we’re expecting them to get involved again. Note: John Lewis high street stores will actually be closed on Boxing Day itself if you were thinking of heading down in person. You dinosaur.

View today’s deals: John LewisView Deal

Tesco has a few Boxing Day and Black Friday sales under its belt now and actually competes throughout the year on loads of our favourite tech items. Expect deals on laptops, TVs, consoles and so on. If Amazon start to discount any of its Kindles or Echo devices, you can guarantee that Tesco won’t be far behind with a pricematch, which is great if you’re collecting Clubcard points.

View today’s deals: Tesco

Argos is one of those retailers who always seem to be having a sale on, so expect it to make a bit of a song and dance come December 26th. Annoyingly, much of its stock is region-based, but you can check stock by entering your postcode to check before going through the checkout process. Discounted prices on laptops, TVs, toys and console bundles are usually strong and well worth a look.

View today’s deals: Argos is very hit and miss, but it had some excellent offers around Black Friday for console and PlayStation VR bundles. So if you missed out earlier this year, this could be a great chance to get a new PS4 or Xbox with a few games. We’ll highlight any ace software deals we find too and frankly ignore the waves of shoddy discounts that’ll be around too. Wolfenstein 2 for £19.99 was one of the better deals we saw on Black Friday – we’ll take Assassin’s Creed: Origins for that price on Boxing Day thank you very much, Game. Yeah?

View today’s deals: GameView Deal is one of the cheapest places on the net for PC games all year round and offer fantastic prices followed by instant delivery of the code, with major platforms like Steam, uPlay, Origins and Battlenet supported. It’s not all about the PC crowd though as CDKeys have some of the best deals going on PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold memberships too. Expect discounts on the lot come boxing Day.

View today’s deals: CDKeys

The Zavvi Boxing Day sales are usually worth a look, especially for film and TV fans. Zavvi has a huge range of exclusive steelbook editions of movies old and new too. Console bundles are a bit hit and miss, but they had a couple of decent ones on Black Friday. Pop culture merchandise is a big seller there too.

View today’s deals: Zavvi is taking advantage of the growing trend to buy and upgrade phone contracts online rather than on the highstreet. This site offered the very best mobile phone deals back on Black Friday so you can expect more of the same from this trusted mobile phone seller. We’ll pick out what we think are the best offers and post them on this page so you can see what’s worth buying and what’s not.

View today’s deals:

Carphone Warehouse is an established highstreet retailer and is also one of the best online retailers now. We’ll pick out the best mobile phone deals, whether they’re standalone smartphones, contract phones, voucher codes or whatever else looks like a great mobile deal to us.

View today’s deals: Carphone Warehouse

TV & video deals

Hisense H50N6800 50-inch 4K Smart TV | Now £549 | John Lewis
Hisense is really making a name for itself right now with some of the best cheap 4K TVs across multiple sizes. This 50-inch TV comes with a sweet 4K picture and Smart TV functions – all viewable in glorious HDR.

Samsung UE40MU6120 40-inch 4K TV | Now £369 | John Lewis
If you’re looking for a cheap 4K TV with HDR from a reputable name then this is a very decent offering from Samsung and now £100 cheaper than usual thanks to the promotion. You’re also getting a five-year guarantee.

Panasonic TX-40EX600B | Now £449 | Amazon
This model features a 40-inch 4K screen with HDR, and includes Panasonic’s excellent Smart TV OS. A great TV at a cheap price of £449 down from £750.

Hisense H50N6800 50-inch 4K Smart TV | Now £549 | John Lewis
Hisense is really making a name for itself right now with some of the best cheap 4K TVs across multiple sizes. This 50-inch TV comes with a sweet 4K picture and Smart TV functions – all viewable in glorious HDR.

Samsung UE55MU6220 55-inch 4K TV | Now £579 | Very Samsung’s mid-range 4K TVs are amongst the best around thanks to their high-quality VA panels and Tizen operating system. This one is reduced from £769.

Hisense H55N5500 55-inch Smart HDR 4K TV | Now £549 | Amazon
It’s always great to see great 55-inch 4K TVs going under £550, but it’s especially rare to find one with a High Dynamic Range (HDR) display too for such a low price. Well worth a look at just £549 down from £619.

Hisense H60NEC5600UK 60-inch Smart HDR 4K TV | Now £649 | Amazon
An unbelievable price for a 60-inch TV with smart features and a 4K HDR display. You only have to look at the other prices in the size category to see what a huge saving this Hisense TV deal provides.

Hisense H75N6800UK 75-inch HDR 4K TV | Now £1999 | Tesco
How much TV can your home handle? You can knock a giant £300 off this HUGE 75-inch Hisense H75N6800UK 4K HDR TV at Tesco, now down to £1999. 

Gaming deals

PS4 Slim | FIFA 18 | £219.85 @ Amazon
This new Amazon bundle comes with a copy of FIFA 18. So many other FIFA bundles have gone right up in price now since the main sales periods are winding up. But Amazon is holding out with this cheapest FIFA 18 PS4 bundle at just under £220.View Deal

1TB PS4 Slim | FIFA 18 | PlayLink game £259.99 @ Argos
Even if you don’t like FIFA, this is the best 1TB PS4 deal going. This PS4 bundle costs less than most stores usually charge for a 1TB PS4 on its own and you’re getting a free copy of FIFA 18. This is fantastic value as the extra storage space comes in handy soon enough once you have a few games installed. Argos has improved this offer today by offering you a PlayLink game of your choice too.View Deal

PlayStation VR | GT Sport | PS4 camera | VR Worlds | £299.99 @ Smyths
GT Sport and PlayStation VR are a must for racing fans wanting to really get behind the wheel of the world’s best sports cars like never before. This PlayStation VR bundle deal also comes with the camera, which you need to get the PSVR headset working in the first place. You’re also getting VR Worlds, a collection of ace VR mini-games.View Deal

Laptop & Macbook deals

HP 14-inch Intel Pentium £319.99 @ Argos
Here’s a value-packed laptop deal available in red, grey or gold and it’s one of the best-selling laptop deals on Argos’ site right now. Not only is the price cut for this decent machine with an Intel Pentium processor, 4GB RAM and a 128GB SSD, but you also get a subscription to McAfee Internet Security and a carry case.View Deal

HP 14-inch Intel Pentium £399.99 @ Argos
Available in silver, gold or red, this is similar to the other Argos laptop bundle above but comes with a larger 256GB SSD. With 4GB of RAM too, not to mention a subscription to McAfee Internet Security and a carry case you’re looking at an excellent deal at under £400.View Deal

Fusion 5 14.1-inch laptop £149.97 @ Amazon
This super cheap laptop deal packs one hell of a punch for under £150. 4GB with a quad core processor means it’ll run much smoother than many other laptops around this price range. It may only have a 64GB hard drive, but that’s plenty for work files and healthy amount of tunes and a few movies. And it’s got a Full HD screen! An embarrassment of riches for such a low price.View Deal

HP 250 G6 £449.99 @ ebuyer  
An i5 processor is more than enough for most users and big savings can be made over i7 laptops. You’re still getting 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD making this laptop deal one of the best from ebuyer. All in all, a very tidy bundle at just .View Deal

Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 | i5 processor | 128GB | Inc. Type cover | £799 @ Microsoft (save £304)
The i5 processor version of the new Surface Pro is much faster than the cheaper m3 versions and the price typically reflects that. Not today though as Microsoft has knocked a huge £304 off and included a Type Cover. And considering that cover would cost you upwards of £130 usually, it’s an astounding deal. This Microsoft Surface Pro deal also includes a free 3-month trial of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan and 1TB of cloud storage.View Deal

Smartphone deals

iPhone 8 64GB | £190 upfront (with 10OFF code) | 4GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £27pm
This If you simply want the cheapest iPhone 8 tariff out there (and frankly who can blame you) then our EXCLUSIVE voucher code with is the way to do it. Be sure to enter the code 10OFF to knock £10 off the price and then revel in the those ridiculous £27 monthly payments! It’s the cheapest iPhone 8 deal out there. Total cost over 24 months is £838 

View this iPhone 8 deal at

iPhone X 64GB | £169.99 upfront | 5GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £51pm
The iPhone X has been cheaper in the past, but this O2 tariff is now as affordable as it comes on contract. It’s less than £200 to pay upfront and the monthly payments only just creep over the £50 mark. 5GB is a decent amount of data. Plus, you’ll be privy to O2’s Priority rewards, too, so get to enjoy the odd cheap lunch and coffee. Total cost over 24 months is £1393

View this iPhone X deal at

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | £175 upfront | 15GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £37.99pm
With monthly bills now coming under the £40-mark, this 15GB tariff from e2save is really tasty. Go back a couple of months and this kind of tariff would have cost you a fortune. It now seems much more reasonable, considering the sheer size, power and quality of the brilliant Note 8. 15GB of data will be plenty for most people. Total cost over 24 months is £1086.76

View this deal at e2save

iPhone SE 32GB | FREE upfront | Unlimited mins and texts | 1GB data | £14pm (after cashback)
Pinch yourself – you aren’t dreaming! Yes, you are reading that correctly and no, it isn’t a joke. Thanks to this phenomenal offer from Carphone Warhouse-owned, now is a great time to buy the iPhone SE. There’s a little bit of effort required from you to get this price – redeeming the £95 cashback over the year – but it’s definitely worth it for this price. Total cost over 24 months is £336 (after cashback)

Get this iPhone SE deal from

SIM-only | 12-month contract | 12GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £13 per month
This Three tariff is one of the most popular on the market at the moment (even though it has just gone up by a pound a month). £13 for a very healthy 12GB of data is superb value for your new unlocked handset or beloved old mobile. This deal hits the sweet spot between plenty of data and cheap monthly bills – and we love it!

View this Three SIM only deal

What Boxing Day deals were there last year?

If you want an idea of what potential discounts might be waiting just around the corner we can always take a look at some of the more popular offers we saw last Boxing Day. So let’s hop into the Deals Time Machine and see…

iPhone 7 | Vodafone | 5GB data | Unlimited calls/texts | £34 per month (+half price for 6 months)
This was the strongest iPhone 7 deal out there for Boxing Day last year. The upfront fee was just £65 and it was only £17 per month for the first 6 months, then £34 for the remaining 18. Expect similar prices, if not lower, on the new iPhone 8. The total cost over 24 months was £779 was at If you’d like to take a look at the latest prices, and there are some great ones today, we’ve rounded up the latest iPhone 8 deals and iPhone X deals. You can certainly make an even bigger saving by taking a look at the older iPhone 7 deals too, as the phone is very similar to the iPhone 8 if we’re honest.

Samsung Galaxy S7 | Vodafone | 3GB data | Unlimited calls/texts | £28 per month (+half price for 6 months)
The upfront  cost was only £15 and then just £14 per month for the first six months of your deal before the price reverted to the usual £28 for the rest of the contract. That was the best Samsung Galaxy S7 deal out there and even matched last year’s best Black Friday deal on the phone. This previous deal was only £603 over 24 months at This year, we’re expecting some super cheap offers on newer models. Actually, prices are pretty good right now. Take a look at our up-to-date guides for the best Samsung Galaxy S8 deals and Note 8 deals.

4K TV: This 43-inch LG 4K TV with 4K and HDR Pro screen was originally £599 and it went down to £399 at Amazon.You could also get the 55-inch version for just £550 too. 4K prices have really come down across the board this year, so you’ll be able to go bigger and better for less than this!

Coffee machine: The De’Longhi Dedica coffee machine with 15 bar espresso pump went down from £199 to just £147.99 at Amazon.

Smartwatch: You could get the Huawei W1 stainless steel smartwatch at a discounted £199 at Amazon. If you’re itching for an offer today, check out our selection of the best smartwatch deals.

Surface Pro 4: The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet/laptop replacement with the keyboard attachment, 128GB storage and 4GB RAM was down to £699 at Argos. There’s a new version out now. Be sure to take a look at the latest Surface Pro deals.

Acer Aspire ES: This 15.6-inch Windows 10 laptop with 1TB HDD and 4GB RAM – was one of Argos’ headline deals and it’s down to £199.99.

Lenovo Yoga 510: The super versatile Yoga with Core i3 CPU, 128GB SSD, Windows 10 and 4GB RAM was a big hit too for just £349 at Currys.

Sonos: These speakers are one of the fastest-growing brands in home audio and you could save at least £20 on all Sonos gear at

Mobile phones: Save £10 on the upfront cost of any phone with the voucher code 10OFF at Amazingly, this deal is still going and can be used right now on any mobile phone with the one exception of the iPhone X.

Apple iPad: At Currys you could save £20 on the marked price of any iPad when you using the old IPAD20 discount code at the checkout! 

GoPro: The GoPro Hero+, which can record 1080p video at up to 60fps and stay waterproof down to 131 feet was going for a mere for £99.97 at Currys. Looking for a discount now though? We’ve listed all the latest GoPro deals in our guide.

PS4: Game was running a whole range of PS4 bundles starting at £199.99.

Xbox One S: You could Get the new Xbox One S with a copy of Minecraft and a £15 Now TV voucher – all for £219.99 at Game. We’d expect to see similar bundles for arguably under £200 this year.

Samsung tab: The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7-inch Android tablet was only £89 at Currys.

TV and DVD combi: This cheap JVC 32-inch TV with a built-in DVD player for the spare room was a hot deal at just £199.99 at Currys.

Soundbar: TV owners looking for an audio boost saved an extra £20 on this Samsung soundbar with subwoofer for £89 at

Washing machine: Currys had the Beko WM74165W washing machine reduced from £299 to just £169.

Chromebook: This 11.6-inch Acer Chromebook laptop which was reduced at Amazon to just £149.99.

Gaming keyboard: Laptops Direct shaved 28% from the cost of Razer’s DeathStalker Chroma keyboard, which you could buy for just £64.97.

Canon Powershot G5X: You could have saved £100 on the Canon Powershot G5X Premium Compact Camera at Argos, where it was down from £599.99 to £499.99.

Canon Powershot G9X: Also at Argos, a saving of £50 on the retro-styled Canon Powershot G9X Premium Compact Camera in Silver – it was reduced from £399.99 to £349.99.

Sony Cybershot W830: Lots of people bought the compact Sony Cybershot W830 20MP 8x Zoom digital camera in silver, pink, purple or black for just £69.99 at Argos, down from £89.99.

Nikon D3400 DSLR camera: There was a saving of £100 on the Nikon D3400 with 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens at Currys, where it was just £369.

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