The Nintendo Switch outpaces first year PS2 sales in Japan.

The Nintendo Switch has now become the fastest selling home console ever to hit the Japanese market. With over 269,000 units sold this week alone, the Switch has officially surpassed the country’s most recent fasts selling consoles first-year sales, the PlayStation 2.

With the release of last week’s Media Creates data, it was predicted that the Switch would outpace the PlayStation 2 in first-year sales. Now, thanks to this week’s new data we have now have confirmation.

Month PS2 Nintendo Switch
March 885,023 Units 524,371 Units
April 512,953 Units 234,817 Units
May 227,725 Units 127,314 Units
June 298,880 Units 129,971 Units
July 367,190 Units 294,311 Units
August 223,822 Units 254,489 Units
September 157,613 Units 168,810 Units
October 116,440 Units 307,138 Units
November 62,025 Units 372,619 Units
December 164,950 Units 844,243 Units (For First 4 Weeks)
Total 3,016,622 Units 3,258,083 Units (From Launch to 24 December 2017)

These sales numbers have come as a welcome boost over last week’s Switch sales, where over 221,000 units made their way into the hands of happy new customers. It’s likely that we will continue to see this trend extend into the weeks ahead, especially as Nintendo gears up with new game releases for the new year ahead.

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