Alcatel isn’t really known for high-end phones, but the company might be looking to change that, as it’s just announced the new Alcatel 5 series, which is set to include things like 18:9 screens and facial recognition, as well, apparently, as large batteries and “fantastic imaging.”

Yet all of that could come at a cost far lower than comparable flagships according to the company, though notably it hasn’t given an exact price yet, or full specs lists for the phones.

But they certainly look high-end, as based on the press images the Alcatel 5 range will have brushed metal bodies, fingerprint scanners and edge-to-edge screens, with small bezels below.

Alcatel’s three new smartphone ranges pack in more tech than you might expect

Counting down

Alongside the Alcatel 5 range, the company has also used CES 2018 to unveil the Alcatel 3 and Alcatel 1 series. These phones are set to be even cheaper but still sport high-end features, with super widescreen 18:9 displays mentioned for both, while face unlock is mentioned for the Alcatel 1 and dual-lens cameras for the Alcatel 3 series.

Their designs appear less high-end, but in the images we’ve seen both ranges seem to have fingerprint scanners, and the Alcatel 3 series could be glass-clad.

As with the Alcatel 5 series though we don’t know exactly how much these phones will cost, nor when and where they’ll go on sale.

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