CES 2018 is off and running, and that means it’s once again time for our People’s Choice Award poll! 

We need you – yes, you – to vote on your favorite tech from the show. It’s simple; just make your selection from one of the options below, and the winner will be announced alongside all of the TechRadar CES 2018 Award winners on Wednesday, January 10.

So, what’s your pick? Is it The Wall, a massive modular TV by Samsung? Or how about the HTC Vive Pro, which features a 78% resolution upgrade over the current-gen HTC Vive? Maybe you’re even more taken by Nvidia’s BGFD displays or the GeForce Now beta, which let’s you play top games on your old PC?

These are just some of the choices you have to choose from. The poll is open now, so cast your vote before time is up!

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