This page contains information on all new Hidden Coins found in the Shadow of the Colossus Remake for the PS4. On top of being a complete remake, the game includes new features not found in the previous version.

One such addition are mysterious glowing coins that appear all over the world in Shadow of the Colossus – mostly found in forgotten corners or hard to reach places. These coins emit a faint glow – usually when you are only a few paces away. A better sign that you are near is a faint tune emanating from your controller that signifies a coin is near.

At this time, it is not known what these coins do. They provide no bonuses when collected, nothing is tracked in the Statistics menu, and there is no way to tell how many exist in the world. See below for information on coins we have located:

After defeating the first Colossus, return to the arena in which you fought the giant, and look for a carved ruined wall against the far back.

The ruined wall has two sections, and you can scramble up the rubble on the right to reach the second floor.

When you reach the second floor, jump to the ruined alcove and here you can find the coin hiding behind a small pillar.

When engaging the second Colossus, you’ll notice that the beast bursts through a large wall at the base of the shoreline.

After you defeat the behemoth, return to the wall he broke when emerging.

Look among the darkened recess of the cave the Colossus emerged from, and if you hang to the left side when entering, you’ll find the coin in a small hole obscured from view.

When you head towards the grove to reach Colossus 3, you’ll pass through the long cave and come to the edge of the cliff with a small canyon below.

As you reach the edge of the cliff, look down into the canyon, and you can spot a trail going down, as well as a wall of vegetation you can use to climb down.

At the bottom of the canyon is a small pool of water. Follow it to the end to find the glowing coin.

After you fight the fourth Colossus atop the raised platform over the lake, return to where you fought him, and inspect the outer ledges.

Look down below to spot several small platforms where some still have chains attached to them. Moving counter-clockwise, move along the ledges until you pass three such platforms with chains to a platform below that is missing its chains. Leap down below (you’ll only take a little damage), and the coin is on the platform.

After your fight with the fifth bird-like Colossus over the water, return to the area.

Note the rows of small platforms where you lured the Colosuss into attacking. From the entrance, keep to the left as you move up until you come to a row of four small platforms.

Look inside the far passage on the left to find the coin inside, near the small platforms.

This is a tricky coin to find, located in the underground arena where the bearded Colossus is found.

To get to it, you must find a way to climb to the second floor of the far balcony with the pillars where you hid from the giant to get him to bend down. Scrambling up the left side and jumping is hard – but possible. You can also try reliving the fight and jumping from the Colossus to the platform after climbing up his beard.

Upon first entering the watery arena of the swimming Colossus, the coin you seek is located nearby.

After crossing the long path to a broken section angling down, double back and jump across the gap.

Continue back to the area where the bridge first began to find some rubble where the coin is resting.

A new addition to the game is located Southwest of the Main Shrine, on your way to the Sixth Colossus.

Head to the forest in the Southwest and look to the right of the path leading to the cliffs to find a slope leading into a darkened cave.

At the end of the cave you can find one of The Last Guardian’s barrels. Near the barrel is a glowing coin-like object that emanates a song from the PS4 controller.

This coin, not found in any Colossus arena, can be found on the path towards the sixth Colossus.

From the central Shrine, head Southwest towards the forest, but veer to the right to enter a small dead-end canyon that stops and leads you to the coin.

This coin may not be located near a Colossus, but is on the way to the sixth Colossus.

After passing through the forest, look for a winding path that goes towards the desert, but hang left to find a path down to a lake and small wooded area. You should spot a waterfall on the otherside of a natural bridge – just double back under it once you get down to find the coin at the base of the falls.

This hard-to-get coin can be found just to the North of the Main Shrine. Unlike most coins, you’ll see it a bit further than most, but that’s because it lies on the edge of a pillar supporting the tall bridge above – but the pillar is out and isolated from the main path.

At this time, we’re not sure how to reach the coin, as the boosted jump from your horse doesn’t seem to allow you to jump far enough.

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