How to pick up an iPhone X deal for cheap – that’s the question on many a person’s mind right now. We’re reaching the sweet spot where the hype has died and the prices are starting to drop. In fact, Apple’s SIM-free iPhone X just dropped by £40 at Argos.

Since the iPhone X was released by Apple in November that wallet-destroying price has stuck at a cool £999 for the unlocked handset. 

But Argos has just (finally) dropped the price of this cutting-edge phone by a generous £40. That means you can now pick up an unlocked iPhone X SIM-free for £959.

Buy the iPhone X in Space Grey for £959 at Argos
Buy the iPhone X in Silver for £959 at Argos

The iPhone X Factor

To be fair, the price has remained so high for good reason. This is Apple’s first smartphone to feature the new Face ID which unlocks the handset securely simply by holding it up. And that’s not all.

The iPhone X is Apple’s most powerful handset for superfast use. And it all takes place within one hell of a screen – a  5.8-inch Super Retina HD screen, no less. The edge-to-edge display is Apple’s first OLED in an iPhone meaning better battery, superior colours and improved image quality. 

iPhone 8 price drop

Or if you fancy Apple’s newest handset but without all the bells and whistles of the iPhone X, you can opt for an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus and still get that £40 saving. That means Argos is now selling the iPhone 8 for £659 and the iPhone 8 Plus for £759  – although Amazon is currently flogging the latter for an astonishing £645.

Whichever handset you go for you’ll be able to pair it with a cheap SIM only deal so you don’t need to worry about being locked into a contract. That means, for example, a £14 per month plan from Three will get you 12GB of data with unlimited minutes and texts. Yup, it’s time to upgrade.

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