“Is there a version of this that is more of a political thriller that mixes genre?”

Legoin creator, Noah Hawley, has shared some of the ideas he’s working on for his in-development Doctor Doom film, saying that he’s taken inspiration from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

In an interview with the Observer, Hawley described how he wants to do something that falls outside of the standard superhero fare we’ve come to see throughout the genre.

“What’s interesting to me about Doom’s character is he’s the king of an Eastern European country and is there a version of this that is more of a political thriller that mixes genre?

“It’s something that [Captain America] Winter Soldier did really well, which was kind of make a Cold War thriller movie out of a superhero movie. This is different than that, but it does have this idea of, and I don’t want to say too much about it, but it is a mixture of genres,” he said.

Talking about the Fantastic Four in relation to his film, Hawley stressed that the movie isn’t setting out to relaunch that particular franchise again.

“The mandate is not to re-launch the Fantastic Four franchise as much as it is to take this fascinating and under-served character and really build a movie about him where we ask the question: Is he a hero? Is he a villain? What does he really want?

“We’re able to explore these questions in a serious way,” he added.

Hawley announced that he was working on a Doctor Doom film at last year’s Comic Con during a Legion panel. The film is very much in development, and hasn’t yet been green-lit.

It’s not clear what effect Disney’s planned takeover of 20th Century Fox will have on the latter company’s existing slate of superhero films, including Doctor Doom.

“That’s not clear to me yet”, said Hawley when asked about that factor. “I haven’t had any larger Marvel-based conversations about if they have plans for the X-Men universe or if they have plans for their other Fox-controlled comic properties. I would have to imagine there’s a plan in a drawer somewhere”.

The last time we saw Victor Von Doom on-screen was in the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot, which we called “aggressively mundane, and devoid of energy, wonder, wit and whimsy” in our review. The character was played by Toby Kebbell.

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