Vodafone’s broadband deals are taking the UK by storm this year as the company has the best prices for super fast fibre connections. That’s right, it’s even cheaper than the likes of Sky, BT and Virgin – and by some distance may we add.

So how do you stay on top when you’re already the cheapest? By offering even better deals. So until April 15, Vodafone will also give you a £60 Amazon voucher when you sign up for one of it’s fibre broadband deals.

In addition to being the cheapest and including the £60 Amazon voucher, you’re also getting a fantastic guarantee. So if your broadband speed drops below the guaranteed minimum speed specified when you’re signing up, you’ll actually get money off your bill until it’s fixed.

Do I have to be a Vodafone mobile customer?

No, these deals are available for everyone. Usually these prices would be £2 a month more expensive for non-Vodafone mobile customers. However, we’ve managed to secure the same low prices for you, our dear TechRadar readers too.

The best Vodafone broadband deals

Vodafone Superfast 1 | 18 months | 38Mb | Line rental inc. | FREE activation | £60 Amazon voucher | £21 per month
These speeds are plenty for most users in smaller homes, especially if there are only two of you. This Vodafone broadband deal will comfortably handle HD and 4K streaming, online gaming and beefy downloads.View Deal

Vodafone Superfast 2 | 18 months | 76Mb | Line rental inc. | FREE activation | £60 Amazon voucher | £26 per month
Living in a family home or maybe sharing with a few other folk? Then you may want to consider this faster broadband deal as it’s better equipped for multiple users hogging the data at once. So if you’re going to have multiple devices streaming music or video or people downloading large gaming files then this is the one for you. And at only an extra fiver a month, it’s a simple solution for your data needs.View Deal

Still want to shop around? Vodafone is so confident about its prices it even shows you the comparative prices from Sky, BT and Virgin on their own site via the links above. 

You can get slower broadband for less each month, but given these low prices, we think you’re getting far superior value for money here and you’re essentially future-proofing yourself for the next 18 months. 

We’ve independently rounded up all of the best deals and included both non-fibre and even faster connection speeds than those offered by Vodafone in our best broadband deals page too. Or you can have a quick search yourself in our broadband deal comparison chart below.

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