We’re just weeks away from the May 23 announcement date of the HTC U12 Plus, but if you need some news to tide you over we’ve got you covered, as apparently the phone will be available in black, red rose, violet and – perhaps most excitingly – translucent varieties.

HTC has launched a translucent phone before with the HTC U11 Plus. In the case of that handset it was a semi-transparent black shade, but it’s unclear what color the translucent HTC U12 Plus will be.

That assumes the rumor is even right, but it comes from Roland Quandt, who’s got a good track record for leaks. That said, we’ve previously heard talk of a matt white option, so there’s seemingly some disagreement on what colors will be offered.

In the same tweet Quandt claimed that the HTC U12 Plus has a 6.0-inch screen, which we’ve heard rumored before, and that in Europe at least it will come with 64GB of storage. Presumably that means the information he has only talks about Europe, in which case other storage capacities may or may not be offered elsewhere.

HTC’s latest might cost a lot

Both single and dual-SIM models are also apparently planned and, worryingly, he added that the U12 Plus “won’t be cheap.”

When pressed for more details in a reply he said that “the prices I am seeing are very high, but probably way off, so I can’t really tell.”

Let’s hope they are way off, because the way he’s talking it sounds like they might put the HTC U12 Plus at the very top-end of smartphone pricing.

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