They’re probably gonna go fast.

A release date has been revealed for the upcoming sneaker collaboration between Puma and SEGA.

The Puma X SEGA RS-0 Sonic & Dr. Eggman collection will be dropping on June 5.

The release will be simultaneous worldwide and the sneakers can be picked up at, PUMA Stores and sneaker retailers across the globe.

The Sonic variant features a textured suede upper, which is supposed to resemble the hedgehog’s fur.

You can also see iconic representations of Green Hill Zone across the shoe, including the grass on the heel and tiny gold rings on the laces.

The Dr Eggman shoe offers a fully red patent leather upper, replacing the Green Hill Zone adornments with warning stripes straight out of Chemical Plant Zone.

On the side of both shoes are debossed representations of Sonic and Dr Eggman, with their pixel counterparts hiding in the insole.

The collaboration was first revealed at the Sonic the Hedgehog panel held during SXSW in March 2018. SEGA also teased a new Sonic racing game at the same event.

Jordan Oloman is a Freelance Writer for IGN who thinks that for video game shoes, these particular sneakers are clean af. Follow him on Twitter.

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