Dark Souls’ Bosses aren’t your typical videogame boss fodder. They’re usually devoid of obvious weak spots, attack relentlessly and will often require cunning, expert strategy and a lot of patience to defeat.

Bosses are the true test of the Dark Souls experience. Some are easier than others, but even the lowliest boss can be deadly.

You ready? Leap into one of the bosses below for more information on each.

Boss Name Location Drops
Asylum Demon Northern Undead Asylum Humanity,
Big Pilgrim’s Key,
Demon’s Great Hammer
Taurus Demon Undead Burg Humanity,
Homeward Bone,
Demon’s Greataxe
Bell Gargoyles Undead Parish Twin Humanities,
Gargoyle’s Halberd,
Gargoyle’s Shield,
Gargoyle’s Helm,
Gargoyle’s Tail Axe
Moonlight Butterfly Darkroot Garden Humanity,
Soul of the Moonlight Butteryfly,
Blue Titanite Chunk
Capra Demon Lower Undead Burg Humanity,
Key to the Depths,
Homeward Bone,
Demon Great Machete
Gaping Dragon The Depths Twin Humanities,
Homeward Bone,
Blighttown Key,
Dragon King Greataxe
Stray Demon Undead Asylum Humanity,
Homeward Bone,
Titanite Slab
Chaos Witch Quelaag Blighttown Twin Humanities,
Soul of Quelaag
Great Grey Wolf Sif Darkroot Garden Humanity,
Homeward Bone,
Soul of Sif,
Covenant of Artorias
Iron Golem Sen’s Fortress Humanity,
Core of an Iron Golem
Crossbreed Priscilla Painted World of Ariamis Twin Humanities,
Soul of Priscilla,
Priscilla’s Dagger
Ornstein and Smough Anor Londo Soul of Ornstein,
Soul of Smough,
Leo Ring
Dark Sun Gwyndolin Anor Londo Soul of Gwyndolin,
Brass Armor Set,
Sunlight Blade Miracle
Pinwheel The Catacombs Rite of Kindling,
Mask of the Father or,
Mask of the Mother or,
Mask of the Child
Gravelord Nito Tomb of the Giants Humanity,
Lord Soul
Seath the Scaleless Crystal Cave Humanity,
Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard,
Moonlight Greatsword
The Four Kings New Londo Ruins 4 Humanity,
Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard
Ceaseless Discharge Demon Ruins Humanity,
Homeward Bone,
Gold-Hemmed Black Armor Set
Centipede Demon Demon Ruins Humanity,
Homeward Bone,
Oranged Charred Ring
Firesage Demon Demon Ruins Humanity,
Demon’s Catalyst
Bed of Chaos Lost Izazlith Humanity,
Lord’s Soul
Gwyn, Lord of Cinder Kiln of the First Flame Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

NOTE:  When health is low and you are out of Estus it is possible in certain boss fights to use a Homeward Bone to escape.

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