Experience the first Final Fantasy XIV concert outside of Japan on June 15th and 16th.

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There’s something magical about video game music. Not only is it often beautiful, exciting, or catchy in itself, great game music can feel very personal — reminding you of wonderful adventures you’ve experienced in your favorite games. Case in point? Square Enix’s upcoming Eorzean Symphony. Eorzea, of course, is the fictional setting of Final Fantasy XIV Online, where its unique combination of online camaraderie and catchy compositions make Eorzea a natural choice for a crowd-pleasing concert event.

In fact, the Eorzean Symphony will deliver the first-ever official orchestral concert of Final Fantasy XIV Online music outside of Japan, specifically in Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre.

There are only two performance dates, June 15th and 16th, to experience what Square Enix describes, in part, as “masterpiece song selections, a full-scale symphonic orchestra, a choir, renowned soloists and video excerpts from the game projected in sync on a giant screen for a thrilling and fully immersive experience.” You can get a small taste in the trailer below.

Eorzean Symphony: FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestra Concert 2018 Trailer

With a more than 100-piece orchestra and choir, each performance will feature guest appearances by Naoki Yoshida (FFXIV’s producer and director) and Masayoshi Soken (the game’s sound director and composer), who collaborated to create this concert. Each performance will also welcome original vocal artist Susan Calloway, singing FFXIV fan-favorite classics such as “Answers” and “Dragonsong.”

To prepare for the upcoming event, Yoshida and Soken hosted a four-hour English stream on Twitch last month covering everything there is to know about the Eorzean Symphony, including the set list, comments about each song, insider knowledge, and more. You can watch the stream here:

Eorzean Symphony Preview Live Stream – Journey to the West

This being a video game concert, you can bet that cosplayers will be out in force, and this time, Square Enix looks to be offering them the red carpet. Interested cosplayers will get the chance to walk that famous red carpet on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, hobnobbing with fellow fans and Square Enix personalities alike as they get hyped for the coming concert.


You can expect cosplayers to be at these events

The cosplay event will take place on the second of the two performance dates, Saturday June 16th, but June 15th ticket holders are also welcome to participate. Here’s the schedule of when everything will go down:

Saturday, June 16, 2018 – Final Fantasy XIV Hollywood Red Carpet Cosplay Walk
3:00–4:30 PM: Pre-registration check-in and on-site registration (capacity permitting)
3:30–5:00 PM: Dressing and prepping in the dressing room
5:00–6:00 PM: Cosplayers Red Carpet walk: FFXIV cosplayers, followed by the concert’s special guests
6:00–7:00 PM: All ticketed attendees can walk the red carpet
7:00 PM: Venue doors open
8:00 PM: Concert begins (ticket required)

According to Square Enix, Cosplayers are highly encouraged to pre-register before the event in case the on-site registration reaches capacity, and they’ll also be able to use an in-theater changing room from 3:30–5:00pm.

Not a cosplayer? That’s fine, you can still show up to see the red-carpet spectacle and to enjoy the concert. Tickets are now available at Ticketmaster (direct link), the Dolby Theatre Box office, and various affiliated retailers. If you’re a longtime Final Fantasy XIV aficionado you’re probably already searching for flights.

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