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“Of the many incredible-looking titles unveiled at E3 2018, I was most anticipating seeing more of FromSoftware’s latest game. First teased last year, the strange, brief trailer convinced some that a Tenchu revival was on its way, or that Bloodborne 2 was coming and it’d be set in Feudal Japan, but alas, it ended up being something different, and from the look of it, something better than I expected, too.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice emerged as one of this year’s surprise announcement for me because it shows that From has changed. No longer just creators of medieval-looking worlds enmeshed with the famous Souls gameplay, Sekiro seems to be even faster, more relentless than From’s previous creations. 

Sure, you’ll likely still need twitch reflexes to avoid booby traps, and never-ending patience to memorize enemy patterns, but the grappling hook and plethora of equippable tools via the character’s prosthetic arm look to shake things up in an exciting way. 2019 can’t come soon enough.”

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