The Russia 2018 World Cup. Breaking Bad. The glorious reign of King Alfred the Great. All good things – as the cliché goes – must come to an end. And joining that esteemed list is the fantastic Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deal that we teamed up with Carphone Warehouse to bring TechRadar readers, which ends this Saturday September 1.

So what’s the skinny? It’s actually very straightforward…grab your new Note 9 contract from Carphone, and it will send you a £40 Gift Card to spend at any of, Currys PC World or Marks & Spencer. The choice of tariff and voucher is yours yours YOURS.

Click here to take advantage of this EXCLUSIVE Gift Card offer

You’ll notice when you click that you go through to a website called Giftcloud instead of Carphone Warehouse. That’s all orderly and correct, as you just need to register some details with them before going on to complete your purchase. There are some easy-to-follow instructions below, but basically once you’ve entered your details and advanced through a couple of pages, you’ll be whipped straight over to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals section of the Carphone website.

If you buy from Carphone you also get a free Samsung wireless charger with power adaptor worth £49.99 AND the chance to trade in your old phone for up to £200 – a couple of bonuses that Carphone is offering to all customers on the Note 9. Not bad at all considering that the phone was only released into the wild last Friday.

How to claim your Gift Card:

Step one

Click on this link to the Giftcloud website – you won’t be eligible if you head straight to the Carphone Warehouse website. Then sign up for the promotion by entering your email and pressing ‘Get Reward’. Giftcloud will send you an email on Carphone Warehouse’s behalf to confirm it has received your registration. You can also find the full terms and conditions of the offer on that page.

Step two

Click ‘Buy now’ to go through to the Carphone Warehouse website. It’s at this point you get to pick out your ideal tariff and complete the purchase. Our pick? Well we like the look of the 30GB EE Note 9 deal, costing £68 per month after an attractive £59.99 upfront.

Step 3

Step 3 involves exercising some patience, unfortunately. It will take up to 60 days after the original purchase date for your purchase to be verified as eligible for a voucher, and you’ll be sent instructions on how to choose your reward at that point. You will have then have three months to choose and claim that, Currys or M&S Gift Card.

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