This page contains a walkthrough for the Howling Caves tomb, or the Kuwaq Yaku challenge tomb.

Name Location Skill Reward
Howling Caves Kuwaq Yaku Huracan’s Mantle

You’ll find the only Challenge Tomb for Kuwaq Yaku near the Northeast corner of the map.

KYTomb1HuracansMantle.jpg KYTomb1Map.jpg

Entering, to the right will be an alcove you’ll need the rope ascender to open that contains some gold ore. However, this isn’t necessary to complete the tomb. Head left to see a ledge.

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Jump off into the water below. Head to land and move forward. You’ll come to a chasm in the path. To your left is a ledge to move around the drop-off. Heading down the stairs ahead of you, you’ll start to slide. Jump off and grapple to the wall ahead of you. Rappel down and swing to safety.

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Jump to the ledge ahead and move right to the grapple wall where you’ll rappel down once again. Head into the tunnel ahead of you, and a little jump scare. Trying to jump onto a ledge ahead of you you’ll fall into a cave where you’ll be attacked by wild dogs.

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After taking out the 4 of them, grab the Mural on the left side of the room. Ahead of the mural, you’ll be able to shoot a rope bridge to cross the flaming ground. Reaching the other side, climb up the grapple wall, where you’ll find a base camp. When trying to walk across the plank, the wind will knock you off foreshadowing the upcoming challenge. Climb the wall instead, heading into the main puzzle. Pull the lever on the right side, releasing a stream of air that will swing a large pendulum.

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Climb onto it when it swings underneath you, then shimmy to the left and jump to the platform when it swings to the left. Pull the second lever on your left. This will simultaneously, blow out the fire on the walkway and begin swinging the second pendulum. Jump to the platform to the right side of the room, and use an arrow to pull the pendulum toward you to knock off the barrier on the main walkway.

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Before moving ahead, you’ll have to head back to the lever and close the second vent so it doesn’t knock you off. Walk across the wooden bridge, and head to the left to find the third lever. However, this one is stuck. There is a ledge to climb to the right of the lever. Jump to the right and shimmy to a ledge underneath the obstruction. Shoot a rope between the blockade and the second pendulum.

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Head back to the second lever and open it once more to pull away the obstruction from the third vent. Head to the third lever again and open the vent to blow out the fire standing between you and the Tomb Stele. Head towards it and complete the tomb, unlocking “Huracan’s Mantle.”

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Head out of the puzzle room, and to the left of the base camp you’ll find a way out. Jump to the grapple wall ahead and climb up. Then jump and grapple swing to the next area. After sliding down, head right and climb up where you’ll find a rope slide. After sliding down you’l see a series of ledges and grapple walls to climb out of the tomb.

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