Unlocking characters and finding each of the five gems in Super Mario Party is not as straightforward as you would think. Each one requires a different task and we’ve got each requirement listed below.

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Super Mario Party features four unlockable characters, each with their own special Dice Block.

After you’ve completed the requirement, head over to the Party Plaza and look for the character hanging out in the background. Speak with them to unlock them!

  • Donkey Kong – Finish three different courses in the River Survival mode. Keep an eye for him out in the crowd at the end of the river!
  • Diddy Kong – Complete World 2 (Chestnut Forest) in Challenge Road.
  • Dry Bones – Will randomly appear in the Party Plaza.
  • Pom Pom – Complete World 5 (Salty Sea) in Challenge Road.

An unlockable fourth board exists. In order to unlock Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower, complete all three boards in the standard Mario Party mode.

At the start of Super Mario Party, you’re asked to unlock five different gems. Here’s what you need to do to unlock each one:

  • Gem of Tenacity – Play all four boards in the standard Mario Party mode.
  • Gem of Spirit – Complete the Sound Stage mode in Hard difficulty.
  • Gem of Courage – Play through every route in River Survival.
  • Gem of Love – Play all four boards in the Partner Party mode.
  • Gem of Passion – Complete every world in Challenge Road.

After you unlock all the gems, you’ll be able to watch the final cutscene.

Not every mode in Super Mario Party is available from the start. Some of the requirements are easy but can easily be overlooked.

  • Challenge Road – Unlock all 80 minigames. This requires you to play through each of the four main modes (Mario Party, Partner Party, River Survival, and Sound Stage).
  • Toad’s Rec Room – Complete a single match of Mario Party.
  • Party Points (Menu) – After you play a match or two of any mode, talk with main Toad that gave your the Party Pad. He will unlock the Party Points option where you can spend your points on unlockables.
  • Sticker Room – After unlocking the Party Points menu option, go to the red warp pipe in the Party Plaza to have Kamek unblock it and give you access to the Sticker Room.

It’s not clear what the exact requirements are for obtaining this special oar. Play through River Survival several times, then try and speak with Birdo in the plaza. If the question comes up, answer with “Gold Oar” to unlock it.

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